Want to Give Your Teen a Competitive Edge?

Today’s teens face increasing competitive challenges demanding strong interpersonal skills plus expertise in communication, leadership, and public speaking. It’s no wonder many teens struggle with increased worry and stress.

Dale Carnegie Training of Austin/ Houston/ San Antonio focuses on building vital skills that will give them a competitive advantage leading to future success.

Our programs are presented in a fun, interactive and dynamic environment that reinforces the concepts that they are learning through application and practice. Teens will be better equipped to cope with the pressures and stress they face each day.

Vision for Success

Leading is about learning specific skills and developing leadership requires practice. Dale Carnegie Training of Austin/ Houston / San Antonio helps teens gain a meaningful advantage in today’s world, through developing key skills.

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Developing Future Leaders

The Generation Next program, is designed to prepare teenagers for the real world. This interactive course focuses on developing five key areas that are critical for future success: building self-confidence, enhancing communication skills, developing interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and effective attitude management.

Personal Impact– The ability to communicate, listen, think quickly and work on a team can determine the success of people of all ages. Our program focuses on giving teens confidence, learning to manage stress, overcome shyness and handle awkward social settings.

Skills that Last a Lifetime – The most successful people today, have fundamental soft skills. This course helps develop those skills in confidence, communication, interpersonal development, teamwork, leadership, and effective attitude management.

Leadership–Our nation values leadership, and colleges place a strong emphasis on leadership. Teaching teens to be effective leaders is an area of great opportunity. .

The Pathway to Success

At Dale Carnegie Training of Austin/ Houston/ San Antonio, we want to help spark your teen’s wow. Today’s world is more complex, competitive and demanding. Teens are tasked to balance school, work, relationships, and extra curricular activities, all the while trying to plan for their future.

The Generation Next program will help give you teen the skills necessary to strive at home, school or work.

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